Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apache Tomcat Error loading WebappClassLoader

Hi guys,

This is not a very sophisticated fix to not a very sophisticated problem; however I hope it can help someone at some point. A rookie mistake but nevertheless a mistake that anyone can make. If you get the following error message from Apache Tomcat: Error loading WebappClassLoader, it is very likely that somewhere in your web.xml file, a wrong declaration was made. Make sure to include all packages for Servlets included in the web.xml file.

Hermann Kuschke
Hi everyone,

I saw a preview of the HP Touchpad this afternoon. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with what I saw. Looks like the Web OS, and the hardware that they have included will make for a very smooth tablet experience. Seems to me like it is going to be available this summer.

Hermann Kuschke

Monday, February 14, 2011

UNIX classpath

The error that made me think about creating this blog, involved the CLASSPATH variable in UNIX, as the title suggests. My particular case involved Apache Ant (a tool that helps with building projects). The problem arose because I changed the CLASSPATH variable permanently. What can happen in that case is that the CLASSPATH might contain, for instance, an older version of a class file than is needed for the build. So my Ant did not want to execute properly because it did not like what it found in the CLASSPATH.

I have been working with UNIX quite often over the last 6 months and it seems that it is true what many programmers say: Don't set the CLASSPATH permanently!

It seems to be a better option to set it manually when compiling a java program, for example.

Just a quick thought...

Hermann Kuschke


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Hermann Kuschke